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The Basis of Chasing Symmetry? What is next?

After a corporate layoff in early 2009 during the housing crisis, I confronted life as a single mother of a 6-month old baby girl, no income, some savings banked, and a readiness to make an impact. Coming through a decade-long wave of spiritual struggles and growth coming from marital infertility struggles and a growing awareness of ‘something bigger’ in my life, I had hopes to launch into a focus on community-building and conceived a company called Coming2Unity. Coming2Unity Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit in May 2009, while I also focused on getting incoming coming in through technology services in the small Texas town I landed in.

Needless to say, my focus remained solely on income production as technical services and consulting opportunities provided my much-needed income. I did not ever build Coming2Unity Inc. into the vision I had imagined, and I could not have foreseen the division of communities that would be carved into our culture in America as the next decade increased the divide between the ‘Haves and the Have-Nots’. More than ever, Coming2Unity and community-building would have a place, but the society had evolved into a highly politicized and divided ‘vibe’ as we sunk deeper into the aftermath of the housing crisis and the identity crisis that emerged in America leading up to 2016 presidential election escapades.

While the idea of Unity was still at the forefront of my focus, from a business development perspective as I thought about community, it became more apparent to me that people were living imbalanced lives without time to stay informed and at risk of being assimilated into ideas that could put our futures and their futures at risk.

Now we find ourselves confronting Artificial Intelligence as the ‘next big thing’ our technology industry “Big Tech” is pushing forward with, after quickly ditching “metaverse”. Tech has been lost in the division of Covid, and to me appeared to use Covid as the pivotal event to usher in a new America.

This is where Chasing Symmetry fits in.

I hold a deep belief that the current environment of AI growth, combined with the programmatic perpetuation of these divisions amongst people, is going to open the door for a new reality and new mandate to think differently about the concept of work identity, roles of jobs and careers, and how to create income. Agility will be key. Self-assessment will be foundational.

Chasing Symmetry represents a program in development to assist clients with a plan/strategy to build a career and income structure for this new era of AI. The basis of the program is deeply spiritual and targeting the objective of self-actualization and balance. From a Christian perspective, for appropriate clients, the foundational concept of Spiritual Gifts is central to the vision for Chasing Symmetry.

In 2024, I will be implementing a strategy to allow me to work with 3-4 clients toward this new career planning strategy as we prepare for changes.

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